Investment Sectors

Primary target market:  

LatAm technological startups

Secondary target market:  

Caribbean technological startups

Focus sectors favoring women-led startups: 

  1. Finance
  2. Education
  3. Health
  4. Agriculture and food 
  5. E-commerce
  6. Creative industries 

Range of investment amounts:  

  1. 50 startups at $ 340 K each                           
  2. 18 follow-ons  at $ 1.32 M each

Investment instruments:  

  1. Convertible notes
  2. SAFEs
  3. Straight to equity
  4. Debt
  5. Project finance

Key areas for value creation in startups:  Emergent strategy based on KPIs, for:  

  1. Regional growth
  2. Recruiting key personnel
  3. Public Relations
  4. Legal counseling

Our Approach to Gender Diversity

  1. INDIO VC is an emergent fund with the valuable input of three key professional women of vast expertise, and our investment thesis upgrades the commitment of supporting women-led startups.

  2. We are aligned with the 2030 UN sustainable development goals, as stated below at the section Impact Thesis and Measurement.

  3. INDIO VC approach to gender and diversity, at:  https://iris.thegiin.org/share/id/25786x62276e9fee48a/

Our Impact Measurement

  1.  Vulnerable population with access to goods and services:

    1. Quality education, no discrimination

    2. Increase of qualified teachers

    3. Termination of any form of malnutrition

    4. Universal access to financial and insurance services

    5. Empowering of women through technology

    6. Reduction of transactional cost of remittances

  2. SMEs:

    1. Company growth

    2. Egalitarian wages

    3. Increase of youth employment and universal labor rights

    4. Sustainable tourism

    5. Increase of regional commerce

    6. Duplicate productivity and income of food producers

    7. Sustainable production of food and resilient agricultural practices

    8. Genetic diversity in food production

  3. Environmental benefits:

    1. Universal access to clean energies

    2. Duplicate energy efficiency

    3. Reduce food waste to half

    4. Management of hydric resources and cross-border cooperation

  4. KPI proposals

    1. Education KPIs:  https://iris.thegiin.org/share/id/25786x622750c1f3760/

    2. Financial inclusion KPIs: https://iris.thegiin.org/share/id/25786x62275db6a9e7d/

    3. Clean energy KPIs: https://iris.thegiin.org/share/id/25786x622760380b2c0/

    4. Agriculture KPIs: https://iris.thegiin.org/share/id/25786x622760d1ecfb9/

    5. Health KPIs: https://iris.thegiin.org/share/id/25786x62276d9ac9b03/

    6. Hydric resources KPIs: https://iris.thegiin.org/share/id/25786x62276f2874184/