Our Team

Guillermo Guzmán

General Partner – Director – Full time

Investor, mentor, entrepreneur; former contractor for the oil & gas industry in Venezuela for 20 yr; Founder Institute leader for Colombia, Ecuador, Perú & Bolivia; Asostartups board member; advisor at Toronto’s Loyal VC; Founder Institute, VC Lab, & Y Combinator Startup School graduate.   

Gregorio Londoño

General Partner – Full time

Founder, intrapreneur, mentor, advisor, investor. Director of Red de Ángeles Inversionistas, with 75+  investments, working in the region since 2011.  Portfolio includes exits, write offs and top tier unrealised gains.  Invested in 10+ startups through a variety of vehicles, some of proprietary specific design for the region:  Torre, Foodology, Ubits, Tributi, Remitee and other VC backed companies.

Alejandro Gutierrez

General Partner – Full time

Founder, entrepreneur, with more than 10 yr experience in e-commerce; consultant in exponential organizations; member of ANDI, co-founder of LinkU-Ventures, platform connecting LatAm investors with with branches in Medellín, Lima, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Mexico City and Miami.

Felipe Cano

General Partner – Full time

Serial entrepreneur for the last 12 yr, consultant and mentor for exponential organizations, with emphasis in decentralization and blockchain; co-founder of Invictum Capital with 10+ investments since 2015; co-founder of LinkU-Ventures, leading startup scouting (200+ to date), with $1.2 M invested in 9 LatAm startups in 2021.

Daniel Toro

General Partner – Full time

MSc in Management of Innovation and Knowledge, with specialty in Economy, college professor at EAFIT (VC management), negotiated 40+ investments at $500 K each, co-founder and investment director of LinkU-Ventures, leading the matchmaking and investment process. 

Mariana Nieto

Associate – Part Time

Co-founder and marketing director of Expedit Capital, specialized in blockchain, asset tokenization and branding and design. Founder Institute Alumni 2021 Panama, entrepreneur, writer, passionate about innovation and the evolution of ideas into personal and corporate growth opportunities. 

María Carolina Molano    

Venture Partner – Part time

Seasoned strategist for 15+ yr; mentoring 300+ entrepreneurs at Corporación Ventures, Colombia FinTech, CleanTech Hub, Bogotá Chamber of Commerce; MBA at Universidad Complutense de Madrid;  partner at Sigma, leader of the fundraising program for women-led startups; coach of sales teams throughout LatAm and Europe.

Jorge H. Nieto   

Venture Partner – Part time

100% Serial entrepreneur with 30+ yr in business & project management, planning, due diligence, feasibility analysis; founder and shareholder of several companies; 20+ years in markets of Colombia, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Mexico; former executive director of the Colombia – Panama Chamber of Commerce.

María Camila Ortegón

Venture Partner – Part time

Corporate lawyer, mentor, entrepreneur, friendly teacher of law for empowered entrepreneurs; leader of the Legal Hackers community in Bogotá; director of the Bogotá chapter of Taller A law firm; legal advisor for the implementation of the specialized AML unit at Medellín City Hall; Founder Institute leader for Colombia & Ecuador.   

Alexandra Baquero

Venture Partner – Part time

Corporate lawyer, focused on impact entrepreneurship, diversity & equality; expertise in finance, investment banking, LegalTech, public private partnerships, mergers & acquisitions; former Colombian Ministry of Finance portfolio manager, $2B AUM; partner & manager at Sigma, linking founders and investors; arbitrator at Bogotá Chamber of Commerce;  college professor & consultant; MIT Design Thinking Program grad.